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Volcano, CA


Aldo was born into a family that was musically gifted. His desire to play music with them is what launched his musical career at the age of 12. The first instrument he learned to play was an accordion, which he would play weekly at his Uncle’s lounge. After moving to California in his early 20’s, he developed techniques in several styles of music and has since taken on the role as the band leader and founder of several musical groups. Inspired by groups such as the Eagles and Crosby, Stills & Nash, his enthusiasm to learn new styles of music continues to grow.  


Darnelle (Lady D) 

Volcano, CA

Lead Vocals/Percussion

Darnelle's passion for entertaining surfaced when she was introduced to Karaoke. It was then that she decided to establish her own business hosting karaoke shows for public and private events. While performing at a karaoke show, she met her husband, Aldo, band leader of many and founder of the Route 88 Band. He invited her to join the band as their lead singer. Darnelle is a seasoned performer of various genres of music. She took on Rock, Country, Pop, and Blues, lending each genre her own signature flair. There is nothing more exciting to her than performing at special events and becoming a memorable part of those special times. Her joy is evident and her excitement is contagious. In addition to singing, she keeps light rhythm as a percussionist and occasionally taps a few notes on the keyboard. Darnelle is dedicated to the band and to the audience. When she's not entertaining, she's busy with the business side with her continuing efforts in the band's marketing and social media.



Manteca, CA

Lead Guitar

Ken performs his magic on guitar by creating his own unique licks and riffs. His interest in guitar began in 1965, at which time the Ed Sullivan show was a “really BIG show”. Bands such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Animals were just a few of the great up-and-coming rock n’ roll bands that inspired Ken’s guitar playing. After seeing the gleam in Ken’s eyes as various musicians appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, Ken's father went to the local music store and rented a Kent guitar and a small Danelectro tube amplifier for his son. During Ken’s high school years, he would play in garage bands along with his best friend, Ray. Today, they continue to jam with other former high school musicians. Ken feels very fortunate that he was able to grow up in the bay area and see the surfacing of legendary bands such as Cream, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, and Santana at venues such as the Fillmore and Winterland. His love for rock music is insatiable. Ken has been Aldo’s “right-hand man” for the past twelve years and is a founding member of the Route 88 Band.  



Mokelumne Hill, CA


Nick took an interest in music at the young age of 5. His first instrument was an accordion and began performing at concerts by the age of 6. By the age of 8, he moved on to playing the piano. Nick formed a three piece band, and after auditioning, were chosen to perform on television for a children's game show known as "Big John's Fun For All". At age 12, he took up guitar and at 13 was earning money performing at college and private parties. He moved on to bass guitar and took up playing the saxophone during his junior and high school years. He also took up a bit of drumming. About this time the band "Hippopotamus" was born. An eight piece band that opened for El Chicano in the L.A. area. Nick headed up the band, took the role as lead singer, and played the congas along with many other percussion instruments. Nick has performed with members of many well known bands, to name a few, The Boxtops, Moe Bandy, Beach Boys, and Eddie Valen, a Vegas Headliner for the  opening act for The Platters. Through the years Nick opened for several oldies groups including but not limited to The Crests, The Coasters and The Drifters. Nick later played with several casino circuit groups in Nevada. His most recent musical endeavors included performing with Papa J from the well known Sly and the Family Stone.


Pioneer, CA


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